In This Corner...

There is no struggle in God. There is no distance or separation in God. The very nature of Spirit is right here and now, never for a moment apart from you, me, and all creation. It's not even correct to say that God is perfect. God is Perfection.

God is done, so to speak. By that I mean that God doesn't have any work to do. Instead, the work is in me, as I grow and change in order to be more like the Love that's already in my heart. That's the universal human job description.

The story of Jacob wrestling with the angel is really a story of the ego wrestling with what we know is right. Maybe we've all been there. At the end, though, Jacob's lesson is to hang on.

I will not let you go unless you bless me. (Genesis 32:26, NASB)

At the end of the match, it is Jacob who is changed. He gets a new name, a new understanding. There's a takeaway there for you and me: winning means changing. So often, we're told that change is for losers, that the goal is to make the rest of the world bend to our will. Has that ever worked? Has it ever led to a happy ending?

Real victory has a lot to do with growth, and growth has a lot to do with taking out the garbage and making room.

As I write this, it's December 26 -- Boxing Day. While I'm more than ready to pop in a DVD and watch Sly Stallone take on Ivan Drago for the millionth time, I know that's not the point of the day. You know it, too. The goal is to let go. We've been blessed with another amazing Christmas, hopefully filled with presents and, even more presence. Now it's time to make right use of the space we've got in our closets and in our hearts.

But let's keep doing it. In a few days you'll be making New Years' Resolutions. I'm a big fan of the process, even though I've not always been as successful as I'd like. Life happens, and things change. Sometimes success is a moving target. There are a lot of websites devoted to the tips and tricks, and the internet is full of recipes for time management.

But time, as it turns out, just goes on. What you have control over is you. In exactly the same way, going on a diet isn't about gravity management. What changes is you. Are you ready for change? Instead of trying to make the world, and the year, conform to your goals, are you ready to be more open to what Spirit is trying to tell you?

If God is already done, God is already here, and God already loves you, maybe resolutions should be reductive instead of additive. Instead of piling on a new habit, a new technique, a new set of understandings, maybe we should resolve to take something away. Let's make 2018 a year of simple gifts, honest work, and the courage that comes from knowing who we are.