Support Group

As I write this, we are just about two weeks away from Water and Stone's very first Sunday worship service. I am beyond excited. This is a dream come true for us in so many ways, and we are grateful, overwhelmed, in fact, for all the love and support we have received. We are grateful for you. 

Many people have called or written to ask what they can do to help make Water and Stone happen. Once again, thanks for that. In answer to that question, there are a number of easy ways to help out:

  1. Spread the Word. We'd be delighted if you would take a minute to tell somebody else about what we are doing. Please share a blog post or podcast episode with somebody. Please "like" our Facebook page, and invite a friend to do the same. Please follow us on Twitter or Instagram. Anything you can do to let folks know about Water and Stone makes a huge difference. 
  2. Help us Pack. It takes a lot of gear to make a church happen, as you might imagine. We have put together an Amazon wish list, full of the things that we need in order to have our worship services. Please consider visiting the list and lending a hand; any item there is really going to help us. 
  3. Worship with Us! The most important thing you can do, by far, is make plans to be with us for our Worship Services. Please put them on your calendar. If you're on Facebook, please visit the services on the events page and click the "going" button. It's going to change everything for you; I just know it. 

There is a lot to do, but every step of the way is wonderful. And, thanks to you, and to Spirit working through all of us, it's all possible. We are so grateful!