Had Enough?

How much does it cost to stop worrying? Some people have a number. When they've saved up enough, or when the Powerball hits, they can finally be free to do what they want to do. They can stop worrying. They have permission.

But where does that permission come from? There are lots of rich, famous, respected people who still worry. I wonder if they have a number they haven't hit yet.

For a child, miraculous success might involve a new bike, or a second piece of cake, or a dollar found on the sidewalk. While most of us adults wouldn't say no to any of those things now (particularly the cake), I bet they don't scratch the itch any more. What changed?

Remember when you were in school, and it took a week to write a term paper? Remember when you put it off until the day before, and it only took a day to write the same paper? If you really lucked out, every once in a while you'd get two weeks to turn in your work. And you know how long it took to get it done? Two weeks.

A lot of folks find that, even though they're making more money than they used to, they have more bills, too. Sound familiar?

I could go on, but you know where I'm coming from. Here's the point: when the goal is something external, it will never be where we are. Life is consciousness. If your paradigm is distant good, just out of reach, that will be your situation. Until you change your mind.

The problem with heading for a material horizon is that, once you get there, somebody's moved the finish line. There's always another horizon. Leprechauns hide their gold at the end of a rainbow because nobody can ever get there.

If you are a numbers person, there will never be enough. Once you get to a million dollars, for example, you'll realize that there is such a thing as two million, or ten, or a hundred. Numbers go on forever, and so will your feeling of insufficiency. That's not the way.

A Rolls-Royce dealership is much like any other car lot. There are automobiles and there are salespeople. There's free coffee, but I wouldn't recommend it. As with any other dealership, the cars in the lot all have stickers in their windows, featuring the price, the gas mileage, and so on. But on the Rolls' sticker, next to "Horsepower," you won't find a number. The HP for a Rolls-Royce is listed as "sufficient."

There's a lesson there. What else do you need to know? The attitude of sufficiency is refreshing in a world where most things are marketed as "50% bigger," or "20% whiter." At what percentage point can we find happiness?

Revolution, miracles, or just being able to get through the day without freaking out is possible. Being the hero of your life's story is just a matter of changing perspective. It means caring less about eventuality and more about eternity. The universe will carry us to victory; we have only to let it. We have only to let go.

"Never tell me the odds" - Han Solo

God provides. Always. The ease with which we experience providence is in direct proportion to how much we trust. We don't need to know the odds, because God is even. Something amazing happens when we let God be the Source, and we focus on letting our light shine.

When we pray for our daily bread instead of for a bakery, we are expressing faith. Praying for a bushel of money is dangerous; often times that kind of prayer is really a desire for enough money to not need to have faith. That's why it never works.

If you want permission to dream, to be yourself, to live without fear, it's yours. You were born with it. The aim of life should not be reaching some distant shore, but should instead be about using the gifts we've been given right here and now. What happened to Solomon when, instead of wishing for a Brinks truck full of cash, he asked for the understanding to see what was right in front of him?

His story is our story, of course. Watch what happens when our prayer is no longer a letter to Santa, asking for a long list of material things and a magic number of digits in our checking account. Let me propose a new prayer:


That magic word is where faith lives. It moves us out of ego and material justifications, and into a place where there's room for miracles. As always, it's okay to start small. Start working on places where you have a sense of sufficiency. Build on them. Extrapolate. Prove it. Trust the small things and learn to trust God.

Maybe there have been bad times, where we didn't know what to do, when we'd had enough. So be it! Enough is a magic word, no matter how it's said. If whatever happened was what it took for us to let God be in charge, that was a good day, even if it didn't feel like it at the time.

In all things, let's give thanks. Whatever has gone before, and whatever may yet come to pass, you are enough. The Love that makes the world go around, that fuels the stars and guides your heart, is right here, shining through you. Everything else will take care of itself.