Mourning has Broken

Life is messy. Each of us is working on different lessons and growing in different areas. Each of us carries stories that are empowering and challenging in different ways. And we are all in this together.

Life is messy. God gives each of us the dream of health, happiness, and peace, but that heart’s desire is filtered through personal baggage and ego expectations. Bit by bit, we learn what is true and loving. We learn what works, through a beautiful process of trial and error.

Life is messy. Sometimes we grow through inspiration, sometimes through perspiration, but grow we must. Think about the best lessons of your life. Think about your triumphs. Think about the stories you tell. Are they all squeaky clean?

Sometimes we have the wrong idea. Sometimes, in working out the math problem of life, we add two and two and hope it will come out to be five. When that happens, math is not compromised. If I do my problems wrong, it does not mean that mathematics is wrong. If I’m paying attention, I’ve uncovered more of what’s right. There is a message in the messiness, if we look for it.

This is important, because some folks think that a relationship with God means that there will never be problems to solve, challenges to overcome, moments to grow through. Some folks are so attached to that conviction that they turn tail and run whenever trouble shows up. They seem to think that smooth sailing and spirituality go hand in hand. But that’s not spirituality. I think the word those people are looking for is boring. Stagnation and spirituality are opposites.

Let’s look for growth. Let’s grow through each and every moment. Let’s learn the easy way and the hard way. Whatever it takes.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. (Matthew 5:4, NASB)

There is no shame in having loss in our story, as long as we are not defined by it. Whatever has happened, here we are. We start out perfect; evolution has to do with simplification, not acquisition. Sometimes we move past old ideas and experiences voluntarily, and sometimes they are taken away. But here we are, made more pure, more honest, stronger for the journey.