What you see is what you get. Whether you see opportunity or adversity, love or fear, answers or doubt, healing or sickness, you’ll experience evidence to support your implied hypothesis. Either way, you’ll grow. That’s good news, and it gets better. You’re allowed to stop clobbering yourself. It may take some time to put into practice, but the principle is simple:

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. (Matthew 5:8, NASB)

There’s a scary word in there. We’ll get through it. We’ve all heard well-meaning religious folks use words like purity to talk about exclusion and division. But we’re well-meaning religious folks, too, and we know there’s an option that makes more sense. Let’s start with the dictionary. The word is just a synonym for "unadulterated." Nothing yucky got in the mix. Stick with me here. What I focus on is what I let in, what I get more of in my mind, heart, and in my life. I can’t be all that pure if I spend all my time looking for what’s wrong.

Yes, of course there is growing to do. Of course we are called upon to stand up for what’s right, just as Jesus did. In the garden of life, we might need to do some weeding. But are we focusing on the flowers, or wrapped up in the weeds?

This is not about seeing the world as unclean or unworthy. This is about the kind of love that sees past the facts and beholds the Truth. Pure eyes see with love. God is infinite, manifesting in a finite moment. Of course things can be made better. Do we do that by loving and praising, or by hating and cursing?

Find one true thing. That’s all it takes. There is something that you just know, the same way you know you’re alive, the same way you know when you’re in love. That one thing may not be important to anybody else right now. This is between you and God.

That one thing is God calling you.

Like all of the beatitudes, this one is almost a tautology, but a necessary one.  For one thing, the concept is of fundamental importance. It is also necessary as a teaching tool. So many people are fighting to see God, when that is exactly the wrong perspective.

Find one idea, one feeling that is undoubtedly true. Now find another one. Be a collector. Everything is connected. Specifically, it’s all God in action. See Him in one place, and you have the key to the universe.