The Law of Unattraction

People came to Jesus because they wanted healing, prosperity, freedom from fear. Every time, the hungry were fed, the blind could see, the oppressed were lifted up. And every time, Jesus was careful to remind us that the material demonstration is a byproduct of spiritual consciousness, and never the goal. We are taught that we don’t live by bread alone (Matthew 4:4), that we are supposed to seek the Kingdom first (Matthew 6:33), and that the Kingdom is already here in our midst (Luke 17:21). With all that in mind, we can come up with two rules:

  1. It’s not about attraction.
  2. It’s not about attraction.

Repeat as necessary. And it may be necessary. We’ve been taught that accumulation is the same thing as happiness, that the cure for whatever ails us is available for five easy payments. It’s not unusual to imagine that a certain amount of money would solve our problems, even though we know better. It’s okay if this takes some practice.

Here’s the thing, though: We only get miracles as big as our ideas about God. If we think that God is distant, we get faraway miracles. Our consciousness doesn’t change God, but it does mediate our experience. Small God idea, small God demonstration. So what’s your God idea?

Let me put that another way. If God is everywhere, in our midst let’s say, what exactly are we trying to attract? From where? God isn’t Uber Eats. The idea that good is someplace else and has to be drawn to me is a consciousness of dualism and distance. If God is everywhere, my goal shouldn’t be attraction, it should be expression. It’s not about what comes in, it’s about how I use that unlimited Source to change the world.

One of the keys to prosperity is to think less in terms of accumulation and more in terms of flow. How can you use what God’s given you?

Maybe you have a fantasy about winning the lottery. Nothing wrong with that. But let’s move this forward. Make a list of all the things you’d do if you won. In other words, if there were no limits, if you were in touch with something infinite, what actions would you take? How would you share, serve, and uplift? How would your life be different if you had a blank check? Instead of the amount and the inflow, let’s think about the unlimited outflow. Nature abhors a vacuum, as you know. God will fill the space; that’s His job, not ours.

Make your list. Think about it as often as you can; edit and revise it as part of your daily practice. And here’s the thing: there is at least one thing on that list that you can do right now. Find it and do it as soon as you can. Repeat as necessary. You will find that, by and by, you are in touch with the Flow. No more waiting for God to show up. No more attracting your good. When you seek the right-use-ness, everything else works out.