Week 1, Day 2: Motivation Monday

It’s #motivationmonday - this time around, let’s think about the central themes of yesterday’s lesson. As a child of God, you are marked for greatness, healing, and overcoming, and the world needs the light that only YOU can shine! Yesterday we talked about three steps for unlocking that beautiful potential:

1.) love something, and let it pull you out of your comfort zone and ego expectations
2.) recognize that your journey has been a spiritual one all along
3.) remember that the perceived source of stress is really the place to look for the answer

Every Monday we’ll give you a new meditation thought for the week; here’s the first one:

In this place, there is love, light, and life. In this place, there are answers, there is overcoming. In this place, there is room for everybody. In this place, there is room for me. 

I am a child of God. My birthright is freedom. I am a child of God. My path is peace. I am a child of God. My mission is outrageous love, radical mercy. 

I am at home here, because here I remember who I am. I am in my Father’s house, a home built not with hands but made with heart; with attention and intention. I now know that every step on my journey has been leading me to this place, this realization. I am grateful for every moment along the way, because now I am home. 

From here, I can start over, with a full heart and a renewed life. Today is a new day for me.