Week 4, Day 3: Tip Tuesday


In Exodus 3:14, we find a powerful way to describe God: “I AM.” God just IS, beyond question and worry, beyond judgement and evaluation, beyond ego and argument. What are some things that just ARE in your life?

It’s natural to have questions about what’s right, and it’s healthy to use our heads as well as our hearts. However, the truest things in life are the ones we just KNOW, in the same way we know we’re alive. If you have to ask if you’re in love, or if a current behavior is ethical, or if you’re supposed to stay in a hurtful situation, you may already have your answer, at least for now.

This #tiptuesday, let’s take some inspiration from Philippians 4:8. Let’s start our journey by finding and celebrating the things that are inherently true, noble, loving. The more we do, the more other parts of life will come into focus.