Motivation Monday


This #motivationmonday, let’s celebrate life. Yesterday’s lesson (the full video is on our Facebook page) was all about expecting the gift of this moment, accepting the miracle of this life, and agreeing with God. Life finds a way. Here is this week’s meditation:

In and through all things, there is life.  Every instant, every moment of past, present, and future is wrapped up in the life of God. The life that fills and thrills every being is alive in me now. I acknowledge it, I claim it, I give thanks for it. I celebrate it. Thank you God for this life.

With every breath, I give thanks. With every breath, I open the doors of my expectation and perception. I make room for God. I see Spirit at work in all areas of my thought and experience. I forgive. I let go. I give thanks. Thank you God for this life.

No matter what has happened, no matter what is happening now, no matter what may happen next, I walk with God. I choose peace, plenty, power. Let my every word be a prayer, my every action be a declaration of faith. With all that I am, let me make a bold statement of life. Thank you God for this life.

Radical, unstoppable, unending life calls me now. It’s been calling me from the beginning. Right now, and from now on, I answer the call. Today is a new day for me.