Week 5, Day 2: Motivation Monday


Welcome to #motivationmonday; we hope you had a great weekend! Yesterday’s message (https://youtu.be/OoyEkb68EeM) was about the importance of dedication, authenticity, and focus. When we establish a relationship with the spiritual Cause in our lives, the material effects take care of themselves. Here is this week’s meditation:

This place is holy, consecrated by the conscious presence of God. This moment is sacred, because in it I acknowledge the power of Spirit at work. This life is blessed, because I dedicate it to being a blessing in my world.

God is the Presence, the Power, the All-Sufficiency in and through all things. I let every area of my life be touched, blessed, uplifted, healed by Spirit. I now release my old limitations; they don’t suit me any more, and there isn’t any room for them in this holy place.

I do not judge myself, my life, or anyone in it by appearances. I see with the eyes of love, and I make room for growth. Today, with my words, my deeds, my life, I make room for God. Today is a new day for me.