Week 5, Day 3: Tip Tuesday


This #tiptuesday, let’s remember to keep it simple, honest, and childlike. One of the key themes of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ has to do with dispensing with formality and getting back to what matters.

One great definition of prayer is “conscious communion with God.” In other words, for prayer to work, it doesn’t have to be fancy. It just has to be intentional (conscious), have the give-and-take of conversation (where we talk AND we listen; that’s communion), and it has to be with God (no intermediaries, no ceremonial hoops to jump through).

God knows your heart. Prayer is not a matter of complex words or a set pattern of verbiage. In today’s prayer time, try just talking to God just like you’d talk to a friend. Share your heart, your feelings, your fears and desires. Give them over in trust. Watch what happens.