Breakthrough or Breakdown?


Would you rather be validated or challenged? I can ask that because I know something about you. You’re reading this, so you’re Unity, or at least uni-curious. You didn't come here to stagnate. God is always happening. The only "miraculous" part of miracles is that, in that moment, we got out of the way. We remembered. A miracle is when the completely reliable laws of the universe are revealed to us in a way that surprises us and challenges our expectations. The magic isn't really in what happened, because every moment is an example of Spirit at work. It's less about the event, and more about the opportunity to expand our horizons.

Maybe the "expect a miracle" bumper sticker is not as helpful as it may seem. This path has never been about coercing the universe to meet our demands. What we want is a removal of barriers. We want a profound experience of the All-ness, the transcendent Truth. We want God to tell us what He wants, not the other way around. Let's turn away from specific expectation and get excited about surprising expansion. But that takes a kind of courage that isn't often encouraged.

The cheap shot sometimes leveled at Unity and its derivatives is that they are attempts to impose our wills on the universe. This does not work. Either nothing will happen, or you'll get the thing you wanted and find out that it wasn't what you'd thought. Either way, the lesson is to cultivate openness and receptivity, rather than ego certainty.

Proof is a byproduct of faith, and not the other way around. Everything you're experiencing is the result of what you've held in your mind and heart up until this moment. It can only tell you about your future if you don't change your mind.