Every Which Way but Loose


If heaven is in our midst, we're not talking about a place in the clouds. We're not talking about something that happens after a lifetime of good deeds (or suffering, depending on where you went to Sunday school). God is right here, right now, never for a moment separate from His creation. No matter what's going on in my life, in my heart, in my thoughts, I have only two options. I can bind, or I can loose. And that simple choice, to hold on or to release, to affirm or to deny, creates my next experience.

When you speak, think, and act, ask yourself: "what am I binding, and what am I loosing?"

It's fun to have adversaries, to beat the bad guys, to win the fight. But if all my focus is on the wrongdoing, what am I binding? What will happen next? Maybe I'll prevail, but with that bound in my consciousness, there will always be another fight. It's exhausting. There's a way to stand up for what's right without fueling what's wrong.

Letting go is healthy. But living in renunciation keeps me from celebrating and sharing. I have a unique gift to give, and life has something to give me. Some times you have to say yes. There is a way to release what's been outgrown without losing what's eternal.

Kenny Rogers had a point. You do have to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. With every thought, word, and action, you're doing one or the other. Always.