Getting Creative at the ReStore


My most resent decor project required that I get more creative than usual. I had a space in the main room that needed something special, something unique. I have fairly high ceilings and I wanted something that was big enough and the right proportions so that it wouldn't disappear. Hmmm. I also wanted something that could hold a plant or maybe a wreath. I love having living things around. Right now I have a Peace Lily, a Budda's Palm, several ferns, air plants, and succulents. I just started an avocado seed that's growing nicely. There's always room for more!

After several different ideas, I decided that an old door would be perfect and just the right amount of unusual and unexpected. The first place I thought of was the Habitat Pinellas ReStore. If you haven't been you should try to make it there sometime. It's extraordinary. Here's an explanation of who they are and what they do. I took it directly from their site.

"The Habitat Pinellas ReStore is a home improvement center where donated home items are sold to the public to raise money to build Habitat homes for low income families throughout Pinellas County.

From a recycling standpoint, our ReStore kept nearly 800 tons of materials out of the Pinellas County landfill last year. And the recycling continues: the donor feels good about going “green,” the buyer feels good about getting a bargain, and Habitat and our local homeowner candidates benefit directly from the proceeds!"

I was able to find an old door for $20 and an even older doorknob for $2. I just love it when a plan comes together and I got to do some good at the same time! I decorated the door with a small silver mirror. I found a galvanized bucket with rope handles to plant a fern in and hang from the knob.

There are ReStores all over the country. The next time you have a home improvement (or art) project try there first.