Help Teens go to Summer Conference


Our events are inspiring, world-changing, empowering, revolutionary gatherings, and we are honored to run them. We want to make sure every eligible teen can attend our upcoming Summer Conference, and so we've put this video together to ask for your help. Please visit to lend a hand. Each event has three core elements:

  1. Practical understanding of Unity teachings:  Attendees will leave with a richer understanding of what it means to be a Unity person and what it takes to build a life that works.
  2. Safety and respect:  The teens are treated like the spiritual teachers they are, and the events are held in hotels; clean environments with good food, comfortable lodging, and modern security.
  3. Service:  At each event, we perform a real service project at a local Unity center; it's our way of teaching the value of service while at the same time teaching the teens the importance of spiritual family and continuity.

We really feel that these events are the beginning of real change, both for the teens and, through them, the world. Thank you for your love and support!