One of the key concepts Jenny and I have been working through in our Casting on the Other Side class (and upcoming book -- stay tuned) is love.  Far from being an attribute that gives you the strength to put up with dysfunction, love is the power that rejoices with the truth, demands growth, and starts revolutions.  As the drawing power of the universe, love is the secret ingredient to every successful demonstration.  It's wonderful to memorize some Unity affirmations, but unless and until they are spoken in love, nothing will happen. This idea is so important that I did a Sunday lesson about it.  It's such a big deal, in fact, that it might feel daunting.  Everybody knows that love is important.  The question of how to develop this faculty might be tough to answer.

It doesn't have to be, though.  If you want to get good at living love, start looking for love.  With apologies to the Gambler, there are no wrong places.  If there is only one Presence and Power in the universe, than everything we see is a manifestation of love.  The trick is to remember that it is all around us.  Whatever else might be happening in life, love is happening.  After some practice, it becomes clear that love is really the only thing happening.  Start thinking about love and, with a little practice, the "about" goes away and you'll start thinking love.  But we'll build to that.  For now, let's work on being the kind of people who are on the lookout for examples of love wherever we happen to be.

If you have Instagram, start looking for examples of love.  When you find one, snap a picture and tag it with #loveeverywhere.  For bonus points, "mention" our Instagram account ("theunitysociety") and we'll repost it to our feed, too.  When the book comes out, we'll take the most popular post and send the author something special.

Along the way, you'll be reminding yourself and your friends that love is the Truth.  This is the beginning of great things.