Magic Tweezers


If you get a splinter, you can pray about it, or you can reach for the tweezers. Both approaches are valid, and I have to believe that both of them work. Tweezer technique isn’t something I’d feel like teaching on a Sunday morning, though. It’s not discussed in Lessons in Truth. It’s not particularly Unity. But does that mean it’s wrong? Does that mean I shouldn’t do it? Of course not. It just means that it’s not what I’m here to teach. That distinction exemplifies part of the Unity spirit. We should call everything good. No fear. That doesn't mean that everything is Unity, of course, but that we should try and find the Unity in all things. One presence, one power.

This is a big deal. Sometimes people approach mainstream medications with all manner of fear and ickiness. Sometimes there’s some judgment around “conventional” medicine, for example. I’ve seen Unity people talk about Benadryl the way that Clark Kent would discuss Kryptonite.

I don't see a difference between what you'd get in the pharmacy and what you'd get from a holistic boutique. In both cases, there's a spectrum of intentions. In both cases, there is evidence of results and setbacks, of extra benefits and side effects. In both cases, some things work better than others, and some not at all. In both cases, the power is someplace outside of me. As a Unity person I’m not especially interested in either of them. They're not going to uplift my consciousness of healing.

We heal by teaching. Pills can't teach you. Crystals can’t teach you. I have no judgment about whether they can help me in the short term; that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m interested in change.

There were people who hung around with Jesus and didn't get it. They didn’t understand, and so they didn’t grow. Think about that. Your expectations and paradigm dictate your experience. No external force, no matter how powerful or wonderful, can bypass the filter of your consciousness. It might get you past the current set of symptoms, but it can’t touch cause. But if you fix your perceptions, you'll get the message, and the healing, anywhere.

I am a child of God. My birthright is Life itself. That’s who I am. Where should I look for real healing? In a store, or in my heart?

I don't have a problem with traditional medicine. I've taken ibuprofen to deal with a headache from time to time. I've also been on boats, even though my Hero walks on water. This is a process, and we move forward by learning how to praise. Unity, not duality.

I don't do Sunday morning talks about the efficacy of Advil. That's not what I'm here for. I know that I have a headache, not a medicine deficiency. The problem comes from someplace deeper. Until I fix the consciousness, the headaches will come back. Healing comes from within. Until I fix the behavior pattern, I'll keep getting splinters.

I don't have a problem with any healing modalities, mainstream, alternative, or otherwise. I have a problem with the idea that something outside of me can make me better in any kind of permanent way. I have a problem with duality. If you don't change your consciousness, you won't get a real healing from whatever you're doing. But if you do uplift your perception, you'll grow wherever you are. So why dwell on the method? Let's work on consciousness. That's what Unity people do.