Name that Tune!


Change your mind, change your world. We say that kind of thing all the time, because it's the way life works. No exceptions. So far, so good. But how do you change your mind? The way you think dictates the way you act and speak. You can't really think one way and talk another. That's good news. It means that you can walk backwards through the process a little bit. If you start speaking differently, it will start to change your consciousness. Reclaim your language. When you first came to Unity, you started using new words. You started paying more attention to the words you'd been using, like "I Am." Things changed. You changed.

Watch what happens when you decide to stop swearing, or work to add some new words to your vocabulary. Watch what happens when you take some words out of circulation.

Speaking of which, I've got a favor to ask you. I want you to see what happens when you stop using material words to describe spirituality.

Well-intentioned people talk about the "energy" in a room. They talk about "resonating" with God. But that's not how God works.

With apologies to The Beach Boys, God is not a vibration. You are not a tuning fork. The problem with using material terms to describe spiritual things is that there's an implied duality.

In Unity, as the name implies, we believe in oneness. Our platform is radical monotheism, the idea that there's only one presence and one power in the universe. We didn't make that up, of course. It's all over the Bible, for example. Most importantly, it makes sense. It works. Duality leads to blame, disempowerment, stagnation. Unity leads to responsibility, empowerment, and action. 

Using dualistic terms lets us off the hook in the same way that talking about the devil used to. It's the same mindset in a different outfit.

If I believe that God is a form of energy or magnetism that floats around like an oil slick, if I believe that there are some places where there is more power, more God, than others, than I also have to believe in barriers, separation, and duality. If I believe that God is a frequency, I'm also saying that there are other channels on my cosmic radio.

Using material terms, like energy and vibrations, means that I have a concept of places where God is not. That idea doesn't change the fact that He is there, of course, but my diminished awareness of His presence leads to a reduced capacity to receive my blessings.

If you're having problems with manifestation and demonstration, if you're feeling stuck, take a minute for a vocabulary check. When you talk about God, do you use words that describe Omnipresence?

Try this: when other folks might say "energy," try a new word. Try "consciousness." God is everywhere, as every Sunday school kid knows. The work we do when we pray is not the work of trying to get God to show up. God is here. Instead, our job is to remember that God can never for a moment be separate from His creation. We aren't changing presence, we are changing consciousness.

Is there good energy in a room? Only if the proprietor has been paying their utility bills. What's the consciousness there? Do the people in that place know who they are? Now THAT is a question that will get us somewhere.