Not My Job


If you google for "ikea fail," you'll see a bunch of images like the one I've posted here.  And if you've ever assembled a piece of flat-pack furniture, you've lived through the story.  My house is full of it, and I've felt this frustration so many times that I'm pretty sure I could curse in Swedish. But whose fault is it?  The design is good.  The component parts are good.  I don't even mind the little allen wrenches.  The problem is mine.  It's easy to get so caught up in the details that the big picture is obscured.  Sounds a little like life, doesn't it?

There's a lesson in everything.  The details, the outcome, the vast majority of the things folks worry about, are God's job, not ours.  The design is beautiful, and if ego and personal desire can be set aside, we can behold it.  We can be a part of that wonderful unfoldment.  Can you release some attachment and step back for a moment?

Once you get your chair put back together correctly, sit in the silence for a while and let Spirit do the talking.