Past Okay in Seven Days


So I wrote a book. It's not very long (I designed it to be read and really worked through in seven days), but the journey to get it to you has been epic. You know me, and so you know that I'm driven by the notion that we are each born powerful and free, loved and loving, with a unique gift to share. I'm certain that everything from personal growth to world peace depends on you, me, and everybody else deciding to explore and share that gift. Building a hunger for truth and an aversion to pretense is the way to make this happen.

But you've heard me talk about that before. I've talked about it for decades, done lessons and workshops, and shared this simple message everywhere and in every way I can. As part of that mission, I've put together this workbook. If you give me a few minutes every morning for a week, I'll give you what you need to change everything.

There's a video, a sample chapter, and a lot more information over at the book's website.  I'd be honored if you'd take a look.  You can also find it at Amazon and on Apple iBooks.