Raise the Bar


Thoughts held in mind reproduce after their kind.  We increase what we praise.  We get more of what we pay attention to.  Intention dictates experience. Prayer doesn't start with what you say, it starts with what you see. We talk about this kind of thing all the time.  I bet you've heard at least some of those statements before.  If you're reading this, you've talked, and thought, and lived through this principle.  You're an expert.

Then again, everybody is an expert here.  The only way anything ever happens, anywhere, is through this process.  I think that's part of what the first chapter of John is about.

Through my focus, intention, and passionate attention, I create my next experience.  If I want to be a healer, then, I have to be more interested in wholeness than I am in brokenness.  If I want to learn, I have to be more excited about truth than I am about doubt.  If I want to prosper, I have to find ways to celebrate infinity rather than limits.

This is important.  Sometimes, in the midst of the healing process, one might get caught up in "why," for example.  Past a certain point, this is the wrong question.  Maybe a better question is "what are we going to do about it?"  But I'm skipping ahead; that story is in John 9.

In an attempt to be kind, one might see people for their challenges instead of their victories.  But how kind can I be, if I can't see the Truth about you?

Let's be open and accepting.  Let's leave room for healing.  Let's be gentle with each other.  But let's not celebrate brokenness, unless that's what we want more of.  When we look at each other, when we look at our world, when we look at ourselves, let's see with the eyes of love.  Let's see past the current manifestation and into the whole, triumphant, unlimited Truth.  It's there, just waiting to be called on.

Can you see it?