Seeing and Saying


It's not what you say, it's what you see.  If you want growth, work on your vision.  Work on seeing yourself as prospered, blessed, whole.  If you can't see it, anything you say will feel like a lie and make things worse. Along the way, think about what you're doing now.  Think about your work, relationships, and so on.  Can you see them as playing a part in your evolved vision?   If not, it might be time to move on, or at least to try a new approach.

You can't lie to yourself, and you can't lie to God. In fact, you can't lie, period.  Truth will out.  So what is True, right here and now?

What you say is the smallest part of the statement you're making.  Prayer is not a matter of talking anybody into anything.  If you can't see it, you can't be it.  Your intention is your prayer.

Prayer has to do with what you know to be true.  It is not about what you don't believe but might like to be true.  The latter is a fancy way of trying to lie to yourself, which is not possible.

If an affirmation doesn't feel honest, it is going to do more harm than good.  Stop trying to fool yourself.  Instead, dig deeper and find what does feel right.  There is nothing wrong with starting small.

Most exercise plans don't start with a five hundred pound bench press. Better to start with five pounds and really work on it.  Better to start with a diet plan.  Can you fast from some of the things that are keeping you from a healthy life?

Let's start by being honest with ourselves.  Not about superficial facts, about things that change.  What is True and timeless?

You have beautiful dreams.  You have life in your body.  You know what love is.  The universe has provided for you in unexpected ways.  Can you see what you have now as a gift from God?  Find a point of connection, even a tiny one.  Praise it, and you will see the increase.