Spin Cycle


I talk about freedom and choice all the time, but some things are not optional. Life goes on, one way or the other. The Truth comes out, one way or the other. Love wins, one way or the other. There's a three-step cycle that we go through; this is something I really wanted to drive home as part of my Easter talk yesterday. Sooner or later, perhaps even constantly, everybody feels a calling. This can come in all sorts of forms, depending on consciousness and readiness. The defining characteristic of the calling phase is a confrontation with the necessity for change. Maybe a hero appears and demonstrates a better way to live. Maybe we listen to an inner yearning and decide to make healthy choices and take out a little ego garbage along the way. Maybe we just get sick of the way things have been going. One way or the other, the calling comes. It always comes. Maybe it's happening for you right now. Does life feel turbulent, as though your old answers aren't working? That's the call. The trick is to keep our eyes open to it. How we respond to the calling determines the way in which we go through the next phase of the cycle.

After the call, there's a healing. It's inevitable. For every question, there's an answer, and the healing will come. It's happening now, too. This comes as no big surprise, really. If you cut your finger, your body knows what to do. On earth as it is in heaven; how it works in your skin is how it works in the universe. This is good news. It means we can relax and trust instead of trying to force something that is already happening. As I always say, life should feel less like paddling and more like surfing. The healing happens. How it happens is going to depend on what you're ready for. Sometimes the healing comes easily. Sometimes we step gracefully into it. Sometimes we go kicking and screaming, because true healing means letting go of old ideas. Sometimes the healing happens because things feel so bad that there's no where to go but up. I'll take it. Gratitude makes this whole thing easier.

The dance of calling and healing is perpetual. It's beautiful and even fun. And it is never optional. You and I and everybody we know has gone through it. We continue to go through it. The process is inherent. Automatic. But I'm not advocating for a life lived on autopilot. Life is consciousness, as they say. Conscious living, then, is vital. There are lots of reasons for this. Here's one:

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. - Ferris Bueller

Spirit is calling. Right now. At the same time, your soul is healing. Right now. But without your deliberate involvement, it will keep healing the same cosmic boo-boos over and over again. Maybe you've experienced this. Different relationships, but the same fights. New job, same frustration. Geographical cures. I know all about this. I've been through this spin cycle many times. For a long while, I really thought that the secret to life was answering the same questions, over and over again, but each time with a little more gusto. You can imagine how well that works. Maybe you don't have to imagine it.

We're called. We heal. There's a third step. This one's optional. We can learn. Whatever has come before, whatever is going on right now, life is an educational opportunity. Seizing it will turn that circle into an upward spiral.

Don't go through life. Grow through life. - Eric Butterworth

Your heart yearns for adventure and new frontiers. You are too important and too special to have to chew on the same calling and healing cycle over and over (and over!) again. It's time for a revolution. Let's ask some new questions. Let's demand answers that not only work, but that challenge. Life has something to teach us. Let's learn.