The Little Me and the Great Me


Do you remember the first children’s book you read by yourself? For me, and a lot of other Unity babies, it was Lou Austin’s The Little Me and the Great Me. I still have my copy. More significantly, I still carry the idea of the Great Me with me. Great Me teaches some key Unity ideas in such a simple, beautiful way. We often say that our beliefs are not complicated. In fact, we teach that complexity and trade secrets are pretty good indicators of misunderstanding. This book lives up to that ideal. In this children’s book, you’ll find teachings about the inherent goodness of God and humanity, the power of free will, our partnership with God, and so much more. When I’m teaching Lessons in Truth, I’ll often lean on Great Me to explain the concept of Personality and Individuality.

Imagine if every child knew that they participated in infinite Good, that the Truth about them was enough to change the world, and that all they had to do was breathe? If there’s a little one in your life, get them a copy and read it to them.