The Question


Does it build bridges or walls? The answer to that question is the answer to life. There are certainly more complicated strategies for living, and there is always more to say. But in a certain sense everything else is just a footnote.  Unity is our path and our goal. We all partake in the One Presence and Power. Life gets better when we do so consciously. 

No matter what the question is, the right answer is the one that makes a connection. 

When making an ethical choice, choosing your next statement in a conversation, or looking for your soul mate, ask the question. When deciding what to order for lunch or where to go to church, ask the question. 

Yes, some connections are more superficial than others. But growth is inevitable. If we celebrate unity, rather than personality or ego, we will be led inexorably to deeper oneness. 

Ask the question. Listen to what your heart tells you.