Thou shalt not Moan


I haven't written them all down yet, but I know for certain that one of my New Year's resolutions is to stop complaining.  If you're reading this, you hereby have my permission to remind me in any way you see fit, including encouragement, sarcasm, and pepper spray. As we both know, life is lived from inside-out; it's never the external thing or experience that we're reacting to, it's the inner consciousness.  There are plenty of other people who would be delighted to do the things I'm trying not to complain about, which means that there's nothing inherently wrong with them.  It's not the thing, it's the idea, and in my case, it's the idea that I'm not in my right place that's the source of the discomfort and complaints.

But then again, there are no accidents.  I AM in my right place, even if it doesn't feel like it.  More specifically, and as you've heard me say before, the events, characters, and situations in the story of our lives are there to teach us and to learn from us.  When the educational opportunities are fulfilled, we either grow with or out of our situation.

Complaints don't help us grow.  They not only shield us from finding the good (and thus the room to grow), and they serve as a release valve that saps our strength.  The desire to moan about an unfortunate situation is understandable, but that energy is better used working for a solution.

Let me try that one again: if you're complaining about something, you're not changing it.  If there's something wrong with what's going on, channel your dissatisfaction into moving forward.  When you complain, you're just holding still.

So, then, the resolution: no wallowing.  There are things I'm here to do, and I'm determined to seize the opportunites present in MY present to move forward.  I give thanks for where I am, because I have to believe it's helping to prepare me for where I'm going.

Is this a resolution you can try, too?