Truth Transforms


We have been on a number of radio and podcast shows as part of our promotion tour for our book, Branching In. Each time, we've had a wonderful experience, and we are truly grateful, deeply inspired, and just amazed at how blessed we are. Yesterday we were on a live episode of the Truth Transforms radio show. While we did get to spend a little time discussing our book, before too long the conversation turned a corner. We spent most of the hour talking about what it means to be a Unity person, how to read the Bible and be a New Thought Christian, and, most of all, the importance of living this Truth and expecting demonstrations.

It was a powerful time for us, and we are grateful for the time we shared with the Reverend Gaylon McDowell, the show's inspirational host. Please take some time and listen to the show, either on iTunes or by going directly to the website.