Use your Truth


Being a preacher's kid is a weird thing.  Contrary to popular belief, we're not especially rebellious or dangerous.  Just weird. Being some kind of outlaw would have made for more interesting stories, though.  Growing up with the knowledge that anything we do might find its way into a Sunday lesson keeps things from getting too saucy.  Similarly, it's hard to go through the teenage "my parents are completely insane" phase when you have hundreds of people tell you how amazing mom and dad are every week.

It's a weird thing, in any denomination.  I'm Unity, as you know, so I've double-dipped into the strangeness.  I remember not being allowed to go to a fundamentalist friend's house, because his family was certain that I'd be able to use my cult powers to hypnotize him.

Man.  If only.

As it turns out, the power came differently.  Being raised with the notion that words create worlds, that thoughts are things, and that freedom is a choice was a unique gift and challenge.

Whenever I'd try and tell a fib, whenever I'd say something limiting, mean, or just plain dumb, my dad would invariably say "use your Truth."  And he meant it with a capital "T."  There's so much going on in that simple statement.  He didn't call me out for being silly.  He didn't make me feel small for saying something diminutive.

Telling you to use your Truth means that I know that you know that you are more than your current situation.  It means we both know that you are empowered.  If I ask you to use your Truth, I'm implying that you can.

The next time you feel tiny, the next time you're overwhelmed, the next time you don't know which end is up, watch your words.  They're powerful.  Speaking about the past is a natural thing to do, but our words don't go backward in time.  They create the future.

So use your Truth.  Look past the facts, because they change.  What's the timeless Truth?

I'll put that differently.  How does God see you?  Even if you can't see yourself as perfect, whole, or healthy right now, let's work on a concept of a loving Creator, a perfect Parent who sees more.

I'm a dad.  I see my kids not in terms of fact or current state, but in terms of pure potentiality.  I know they aren't defined by where they are right now, but are instead on a journey from infinity to infinity.  I see with the eyes of love.  That's what parents do.  I think I'm a pretty good father.  I sure do try.  But I have to believe that God is better at this than I am.  When God sees His children, when God sees you, what does He see?

Can you see from that place, speak from that place, surrender to that place?  Can you use your Truth?

Of course you can.  I have faith in you, kid.