Whitewashed Palette Artwork


It seems that everywhere you look these days you see something that's made from a palette. I've seen garden ideas, chairs and even entire homes built out of them. If I looked hard enough I just know I could find printable specs for a palette husband, kids and dog. Although I think that making an entire life out of them might be a bit much, after working on this art piece, I have to admit, I'm officially on the palette bandwagon. And, yes, I realize I'm a bit late to be hopping on. I started by drawing the design on paper and getting the lengths of the boards just the way I wanted. All palette boards are 40 inches long. I wanted the finished piece to be 60 inches wide. I played around with different lengths of boards and after about 20 minutes came up with how I wanted it to look.

Dieter was nice enough to take the palette apart and cut all the boards to the lengths that I wanted. I promised him cake after he finished and it only took him about 30 minutes. Don't be afraid to bribe ask for help.

image1When we finished our cake, we started the assembly. First, we secured more palette wood to the studs in the wall. It was pretty easy. The hard part was dealing with the stud finder jokes from my husband and son. Then we nailed the cut pieces into the secured wood on the wall in order according my plans. It went up really quickly. Finally, I whitewashed it and let it dry. The final piece measured 60 inches wide and 33 inches tall. I printed the text, cut it out and secured it in place with decoupage glue.

It was a fun family project and I adore the way it turned out! Every time I look at it I love it more.




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