Why We Do It


The Unity Society has been around for more than a year now.  At the beginning we didn't have much more than a mission statement and a handful of passionate people.  That statement began with the idea that:

The Unity Society was created to help its participants to express and endorse spiritual integrity in everyday life, in peace, and on purpose. We are called to create and foster a grassroots excitement about and demand for the foundational Unity beliefs, and we answer this call to the best of our ability through all that we do. Our unfolding activities include publications, events, and support.

As time has gone on, some details of our work have changed.  Most of the folks who where there at the start, sharing the vision, are still right here with us, and we're honored that many more have joined in.  Last year we didn't know how much of a role our website would play in what we did, but now it's at the core of what we're up to.  We are so grateful for the growth and excitement that we've seen at UnitySociety.com, and this is only the beginning.

As the site has grown, we're happy to say that the events we do have grown, too; more and more folks are attending, and we're able to celebrate Unity with an ever-larger bunch of amazing folks.  Along the way, we've been able to support a number of Unity churches with empowering service projects and other activities.  Here, too, we're just getting started.  We're looking forward to our multi-generational Summer Conference this July, and we're grateful for anything you can do to help us hold the vision there.

At the beginning, now, and as we move forward, we know that God is in charge of this work; our job is to try and do our best to follow the guidance of Spirit.  Sometimes we are just as surprised as everyone else when we find out what's coming next.  No matter what the details are, our mission will remain the same:  We are here to help people live the Unity teachings in real life, and, while we are grateful for the myriad organizations that carry the banner of Unity, our emphasis is on grassroots-level promotion of this way, this Truth, and this life.  As we've said for more than a year now, we want folks to go to church as the spiritual equivalent of informed consumers.  It looks like a lot of folks have used our Church Finder to connect with their local Unity centers, and that's truly gratifying.

What we know for sure is that we are in love with this ministry, honored by the work, and grateful for your love and support.