Working with God


When somebody asks me what Unity book they should start with, I do what the Fillmores did and toss them a copy of Lessons in Truth.  LIT is our primary textbook, after the Bible.  I've often said that everything we do is in one way or another a set of footnotes to what Doctor Cady wrote. That's not the only way in, though.  Many of my students have told me that they discovered Unity through reading Working with God.  It's out of print now and might be a little hard to come by, but you can usually track down a copy on Amazon.  It's worth the effort.

Working with God is one of my favorite Truth books.  I can't tell you how many times I've read it, and every time I learn something new.  As you know, Unity was talking about bringing spirituality into the workplace and everyday life long before anybody else.  WWG remains one of the best resources for how it's done.  If you want to get your prosperity black belt, if you want to understand how to be spiritual and still live in the world, or if you want to get a glimpse of what it means to lead a Unity life, this book is a must.

I love WWG for all kinds of reasons.  It's also a wonderful historical document.  The language and sensibility reflect a different time in our culture.  More importantly, the book demonstrates the kind of no-nonsense attitude that made Unity great.  Working with God will make you a more successful person, and it will make you hungry for this life.