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by Dieter Randolph


Having your own copy of the Bible is vital. You probably have one (or more) in your house right now, and there’s nothing wrong with starting with whatever version and translation you’re used to. As you’ve probably noticed, we use the New American Standard Bible (NASB) around here; if you’re going to buy a new Bible, that’s a great choice.


It’s really important to keep a journal. Jenny and I are Traveler’s Journal devotees (more about that here, if you really want to geek out), and I almost always have a Field Notes memo book in my back pocket, but there are no wrong answers here. As long as you’re putting pen to paper, you’re in good shape; anything that works for you is the right answer.

Some folks like to use their computers and/or phones to keep a journal; I use Editorial for that kind of thing, but there’s nothing like ink and paper for me.

Speaking of which, a good pen will really help. I use a very silly fountain pen for my Sunday lessons, but I always have a Space Pen in my bag, too.

General Helps

When you combine attention, intention, and action, you’ll start to grow in wonderful ways, and along the way you’ll find books, apps, and techniques that work for you. Here are some of ours:

Of course, I’d love for you to take a look at our book Branching In: The Journey from Alone to All-One. Writing the book changed our lives, and I hope that reading it will make a difference for you, too. You can find out more about Branching In by going to the book’s website,