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Medical Release

Please click this link to download a copy of the Medical Release Form.

Group Agreements

I have free choice to attend this event. As a participant desiring to facilitate the ultimate experience for all participants:

  • I agree to represent my highest self, and to respect all others at the event, including participating youth and adults, and event staff.
  • I agree to create through my words, actions, and dress a pure, loving, sacred, and harassment-free atmosphere.
  • I agree to attend and remain at all scheduled activities at designated times, giving my loving support, cooperation, and attention to all speakers and facilitators, and to remain within the designated boundaries of the event.
  • I agree to take part in this event with a clear mind and heart by abstaining from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs without a prescription.
  • Out of respect for myself, others, and the program, I will not engage in sexual behavior.
  • I agree not to alter my body in any long-lasting way at this event.
  • In order to allow others and myself to have the best experience possible, I agree to use phones, computers, cameras, game systems, or any other similar items only during times specifically outlined by the leaders of this event.
  • I agree to leave personal vehicles (i.e. skateboards, bicycles, skates) and weapons of any kind at home.
  • I agree to respect the possessions of all other persons and organizations at this event.

Calling all Heroes!

  • April 13-15, 2018
  • Holiday Inn Express
    • 210 Seminole Blvd. Largo, Florida 33770
  • $180 per person
    • Registration covers the cost of lodging and food
    • Please make checks out to Water and Stone Church, 3529 Haines Road North, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33704
  • For more information, please download a copy of the Summit Flyer