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Sunday Celebrations

Each Sunday lesson is designed to inspire and educate, and there are always some surprises along the way. 

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This Day - With Jenny Randolph

Life is like cooking; when it works, it doesn’t have much to do with how fancy or simple the process was. Good food, and a life well lived, comes down to how much heart you put in.

Whenever we start something new, we ask ourselves the same questions: “Does this feed people? Does this feed me?” If the answer is yes, we jump right in.

The Bible says “fill your hungry soul with what’s good.” Words to live by. So many important Bible moments, so many miracles and breakthroughs have to do with food. When we eat, we’re sharing and internalizing. We’re growing. Every moment is an opportunity to be fed and, in turn, to feed somebody else.


Keep it Real

Everybody knows what it feels like to let something go. Something amazing happens when we graduate, or step away from a limiting job, or move on from a toxic relationship. There’s amazing power in letting go. The secret to keeping a true Lent has nothing to do with guilt, suffering, or negativity. Instead, the days leading up to Easter are your opportunity to clean out, get ready, and travel light.

In this life-changing series of lessons and activities, we’re going to give you the tools you need to build a life that works. It’s time for your Easter miracle. Let’s get going, and growing, together.