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Sunday Celebrations

Each Sunday lesson is designed to inspire and educate, and there are always some surprises along the way. 

Join Pastor Dieter for a life-changing message!


This Day - With Jenny Randolph

Life is like cooking; when it works, it doesn’t have much to do with how fancy or simple the process was. Good food, and a life well lived, comes down to how much heart you put in.

Whenever we start something new, we ask ourselves the same questions: “Does this feed people? Does this feed me?” If the answer is yes, we jump right in.

The Bible says “fill your hungry soul with what’s good.” Words to live by. So many important Bible moments, so many miracles and breakthroughs have to do with food. When we eat, we’re sharing and internalizing. We’re growing. Every moment is an opportunity to be fed and, in turn, to feed somebody else.


Living Water, Standing Stone - With Dieter Randolph

Join us for a 13-part exploration of our basic beliefs and fundamental teachings. If you want to know what Water and Stone is all about, this is a great place to start.


The Upper Room - With Dieter Randolph

This is a 7-episode discussion about the process and practice of prayer, what it means to pray, why we do it, and how to make it the cornerstone of a miracle-filled life. There are companion blog posts for every episode:


The Helper - With Dieter Randolph

This is a 9-episode series about what it takes to live the life and walk our talk. There are blog posts for every episode: